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What we do

Enterprise Software

We conceptualize, design, develop, and maintain software and applications for your company that fit your workflow and are tailored to your needs and the challenges that you face every day

Business Automation

Automating your unique workflow is at the heart of our services. Our goal is to maximize your efficiency and productivity while minimizing the required time and resources spent on a task and virtually eliminating human errors.

Custom Apps

CLI, Mobile, Desktop, IoT, or Cloud. There is nothing between us and materializing the ideas we (or you) have. The applications we design and develop can run on almost all major platforms and operating systems, with high performance, reliability, and modern designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in Simplicity and Transparency


Is our data safe?


We take your privacy very seriously. You and you only own your data and it will not be shared with anyone. To keep your data secure and safe, we use the latest cybersecurity technologies, backup your data regularly, and assign only a single data manager.


How do your solutions help my bottom line?


We use software to automate your business workflow. Every business has its own special needs and routines that cannot be satisfied with one-size-fits-all software. By automating your workflow or time-consuming tasks, we free up your employees, eliminate the human-errors, and provide statistics and analysis that guide you in making better business decisions in the future. The combination of these benefits usually translates to a lower cost of payroll, better cash flow, better customer satisfaction, higher operational capacity, and higher sales. The benefits of our solutions usually cover our costs within a few months.


How effective are your custom solutions?


We have managed to reduce the overall workflow of our clients by up to 78%. In certain tasks, We have managed to reduce the time by up to 97%. Even though we guarantee a considerable improvement to your workflow, the exact change completely depends on your particular situation.


How user-friendly are the solutions you develop?


We aim to make every task as simple and automated as possible while giving you the flexibility to modify most aspects of your data. We typically aim to simplify each task to only a few clicks.


Which operating systems do you support?


We develop software for the Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. Depending on your specific needs, we'll design your software for the appropriate operating system.


Do you sign an NDA before our initial discussion?


Even though we take the privacy of our clients and potential clients very seriously, we cannot sign an NDA before signing a contract. In most cases, we have faced clients with the same issues and needs as yours, have discussed, and worked on the same. So, an NDA while exchanging ideas can bring unnecessary complications.

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Besides our services, we have a series of products for our end-users and open-source packages for developers.

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