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A user can share two types of contents in, articles and posts. These two types have major differences in nature. However, both of them will appear in the user's profile and their followers feed. An article or post follows the Privacy settings set by the owner.


A post is a short content, with the maximum character capacity of 400, which is ideal for sharing a short thought, short story, or whatever that comes into your mind with 400 characters.

After publishing the post, it appear as a card in your profile and your followers' feeds. Note that you cannot edit a post. However, you can delete one.

There are three types of posts.

1. Simple post

Typing a plain text will result in a simple post card. It contains the username and profile picture of the publisher and the text.

2. Linked post

If you enter a link (url) into your text, the simple card will change to a linked post card. Users will be redirected to the url if they click on the post.

Not every link will appear in this way. We only display full urls (containing http or https) that have 'image' and 'title' metatags in their head tags. for example:

<meta property="og:title" content="A very fine cuisine" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

If these tags are not present in the destination, we will not (and cannot) display it on the card.

3. Image post

While publishing the post, if you upload an image, it will appear in an image post card.

The image will be partially shown in the card. If you click on the image (not any of the buttons), the image will expand in full resolution.

Note that an image has a higher priority to links. So, if your post contain an image and a link, the link will be ignored and the image will be shown instead.


An article is long content. It is ideal when you want to write an extensive piece about a topic which may contain thousands of character.

Obviously, the entire text of a large article cannot be shown in the feed. So, an article card will represent the article in the profile and followers' feed.

The card will show the article title and description along with the header image. If no header image in uploaded, a default image will be shown instead.

By clicking on the card, you will be redirected to a dedicated page where the entire article can be read, similar to that of a blog post.

An article can be edited and deleted at a later date.

You can submit your articles for Vieolo's official blog as well. Know more about our Blog