OneTruck, revolutionizing the trucking industry of the EU

A modern Transport Management System (TMS) for modern trucking companies in the EU, focusing on automation, collaboration, simplicity, and innovation


The trucking industry is one of the most important parts of any supply chain system. Almost every product, at some point, will be carried by a truck during its journey from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

The needs of the trucking industry, just like any other part of the supply chain, have changed drastically due to the exponential advancement of technology in the last two decades. However, the software that runs this key industry has been very slow to advance and adapt in the last decade.

In the last quarter of 2020, we started a project to address some of the issues faced by the industry. As we went forward, the dire need for a modern and innovative solution became more and more apparent. So today, after more than two years of development, we are proud to introduce OneTruck.

OneTruck is a modern and innovative Transportation Management System (TMS) for trucking companies in the EU that helps an administrative team to manage all aspects of the operation under one roof.

The development of OneTruck has been based on five principles. From the early days, we adapted each principle to solve a major problem faced by the industry and we believe that the pursuit of these principles will change the way a trucking company operates and manages its fleet.

Automation of transport needs

Obviously, a TMS is meant to manage the transportation needs of its users. But we took things to another level with OneTruck.

Every section of OneTruck is designed to help users complete their tasks with the utmost accuracy in the shortest possible time. Each task will be passed through a layer of automated control to prevent the most common human errors. Many of the routine tasks in management and planning can be completed with a few clicks.

Our goal is to create a product with incredible quality and OneTruck has the flexibility to respond to the user feedback.

All the needs under one roof

Running a fleet of vehicles is a complicated and time-consuming task. But the software that you use shouldn't be.

With OneTruck, we have been striving to provide all the necessary functionality and solutions that a trucking company needs under one roof. All you need to do is to create and manage one account and manage everything, on the transport side and beyond. We have been trying to achieve this goal by providing many first-party tools (that we have developed) and providing integration for the tools that we don't directly provide. So, even if we cannot solve something by ourselves, we will connect the other solutions to OneTruck. This way you use one credential and one familiar interface to run everything.

Collaboration of the team

Just like any other company, a trucking company is made up of a series of administrative employees. Depending on the size and structure of the company, employees might have different responsibilities and very often, need to collaborate on different tasks regularly.

OneTruck allows admins to easily manage their team members with a very powerful permission system. Each user will have a set of personalized permissions that defines their access, visibility, and control over different parts of the operation.

You no longer have to worry about the privacy of your data or the degree to which a junior employee can make a mistake. You can twitch the permissions of your team members to access only what they are supposed to control.

While using OneTruck, the users will have real-time collaboration tools to prevent duplication or accidental mistakes. You are a team and now can work as a team.

The cooperation of partner companies

Trucking companies, very commonly, work as subcontractors for other trucking companies.

The process of subcontracting is not a new concept. Companies have been delegating services to each other for decades. But so far, there has been no automated, standardized, and structured method of communication and cooperation between companies.

The manual handling, completion, tracking, and invoicing of a large number of services between two trucking companies is tedious, time-consuming, and extremely error-prone. These problems affect both parties negatively as one side receives a lower quality of service and the other side will have an unpredictable cash flow.

OneTruck has been working on solving this problem from the early days. We have developed sophisticated tools to handle these situations, whether both parties are the users of OneTruck or only one side uses the platform. We have managed to make this process extremely efficient, transparent, and accurate.

Guiding the users through laws and regulations

The EU is famous for its extensive regulations. A critical industry such as the trucking industry is not immune from having to deal with a large set of local and international regulations.

Compliance and keeping up to date with the latest changes to local and international regulations is difficult and time-consuming. Failure to comply with these regulations can attract hefty fines that can seriously affect the company. These regulations are especially difficult to navigate for small businesses that don't have the proper resources to monitor their operation and make necessary changes when new laws come into force.

OneTruck aims to centralize and automate the regulatory check and inform the users if they are in violation of local or international regulations. This feature helps companies to stay in compliance without the need to allocate a large portion of their resources.

OneTruck has been very vigilant to provide accurate guidance to its users and even though there is a long way to go, we stay motivated to help our users to comply with the local laws.


We believe that OneTruck is the solution to the complex trucking industry which suffers from outdated software and technology.

OneTruck is currently available to users in the Netherlands with plans to expand our coverage to other EU countries in the near future.

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