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Overview maintains a blog which is made exclusively from the submissions of our users and there will be no official article in it.

How does it work

At first, you have to have some content to publish (stating the obvious). While publishing your article, there will be a check box in the form (as shown below) asking you whether you want to submit your article for your official blog. This checkbox is considered as your consent and without it, we will never share your article in our blog.

If you do not see this checkbox, you are not eligible to submit your content for the official blog. Know the eligibility criteria.

Please have in mind that your article must have the main image. If you try to submit your article without an image, you will see the below error.

Articles submitted for official blog must have a main image

Once you have published your article with the checkbox clicked, we will review your submission. We might change the style of your article to some extend to match that of our blog article and/or fix some typos. We will not change your article beyond that. If your article is up to the standards of our blog, we will accept and publish it and you will receive a notification, informing you that your article has been accepted for the official blog.

Withdrawing the submission

If you want to withdraw your submission, click to edit your article and uncheck the checkbox for your article. If your article has not been accepted yet, we will cancel the submission. If it is already accepted, we will remove the article from our blog.

Editing your article

If your article has been accepted for the official blog, any edit to the original article will remove the corresponding blog article. The blog post will be under review until we accept it again after revision. Have in mind that a blog article might get rejected if the changes made to the article are not acceptable.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to submit your articles to the official blog, you have to meet all of the following criteria.

  • Public profile
  • Verified email
  • A profile picture
  • A short description of yourself in the "About You" section of profile

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