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How to add a website card to your profile

Adding a webpage related to you or your work is a great way redirecting people who visit your profile to your desired destination.

In Vieolo, you can add a url in full form (including http or https) to your profile. This url will appear in your profile along with the rest of your details.

While working with the external urls, we look for metatags to fetch an image and title to represent the url and give a bit of visual understanding of the url to the users before they click on it.

If the destination url does not contain the metatags, a simple link will appear in your profile, after clicking which, the user will be taken to the url.

If the desired metatags are present in the head tag of the destination, a card will appear in the website which will contain the image and title of url.

If your webpage does not contain the required metatags, you use the following examples to use this feature of Vieolo.

<meta property="og:title" content="A very fine cuisine" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

The same application of metatags is also present in Posts with urls. Only urls that have the above metatags will appear in the link post cards.