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How to add a specific ad

What is it?

Specific ad is an advertisement that you post on a specific article of yours. The ad will appear on the side of the article and is a great way to take people to a website which might be related to the content that they are reading. It can be a very effective marketing tool if used correctly.

Ad source

The first step to create a specific ad is to create an ad source. Ad source is the material that will show on the side of the article. You can reuse an ad source for multiple articles.

To create an ad source, click on the "Ad Manager" app from your profile and click on the add button to be redirected to form.

Have in mind that you have to own the rights to the contents that you use in your ad sources. Also, make sure to use high resolution images to get the best visuals and the best results.

Publishing the ad

Once you have created an ad source, you can go the article in which you wish to post an ad and click on the "Advertise on this page" to be redirected to the checkout page.

First, select the ad source that you wish to use. If the ad source that you chose has a remaining balance, you will see a pop up, using which you use the remaining balance of the ad source to publish the ad.

If the ad source does not have any remaining balance, you have to select a plan, either $5 for 30 days or $50 for 365 days.

Once you select your plan, a payment button will appear which will guide you to finish the payment.

After finishing the payment, you will be redirected to the article page.


Knowing the performance of your ad is very important for the future planning.

You can visit the performance of your ad either from the article ("check performance" button) or from the ad manager app. In the ad manage app, you can find your active advertisements under a section with the same name.

At the moment, you can only see the number of the clicks. We will add more features very soon.

Delete the ad

You can cancel an active ad. In fact there are two possible ways of doing so.

You can delete the active ad from the dedicated ad page in the Ad Manager or you might delete the article that houses the active ad.

In both of the situations, the remaining days will be calculated and added to ad source. You can use the remaining balance in the ad source at any time on any of your articles.

We calculate the remaining balanace based on the number of days remaining, ignoring the number of hours and minutes remaining. For example, if an active ad has 20 days and 5 hours and 20 minutes to its original expiry, the remaining balance will be 20 days, ignoring the 5 hours and 20 minutes. If an active ad has less than 24 hours to its expiry, no remaining balance will be allocated to the ad source.