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How to reach a higher audience

Complete your profile

Users tend to be attracted more toward those who have a complete profile, with a profile picture. Try to have a complete profile to appear active.

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Public Profile

A private profile, obviously, increases your privacy. However, that privacy comes with a trade off. With a private profile, your profile and the contents that you share will only be visiblt to those who follow you and, as a respect to your privacy will not suggest your content or profile to anyone.

If you wish to reach to higher audience, you can set your content access to Privacy to 'Public'. This way, not only the users who do not follow you can see your contents, the guest users who have not signed up yet can see your contents.

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How suggestions work

Vieolo will make a list of suggested users to follow to users. Especially to the new users who do not have any content to see on their home page feed.

As a respect to the privacy rights of our users, the private profiles will not the shown in the suggestion list. Also, to improve the user experience, the profiles that do not have a profile picture will not be included in the suggestions.

The users who have the highest number of contents with a profile picture and a private profile will be having the highest priority.

Official Blog

Vieolo maintains a blog which is composed entirely from the contents of our users.

As a respect to the privacy rights of our users, we only review and accept the articles that have been explicitly submited their contents for this purpuse.

Your profile will be mentioned in the blog page with a direct link to your profile. As we constantly advertise and promote our blog, your content and eventually your profile will gather a lot of attentions.

To know more about our official blog and your eligibility to submit, please click here.