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Connect and Follow


There are two different ways that users can link, Connection and Follow. These two ways are different in many aspects.


By following another user, you can see, access, and interact to the contents that they share. Your following's content will appear in your home page feed in chronological order.

Users can decide who can and cannot see their contents. Users have two options in the Privacy section of their profiles to control the content access.

Every user's privacy, by default, is set to be private. This means that anyone who wishes to see their contents, have to send them a follow request and will have access only after the request is accepted. If you enter a profile profile that you do not follow, you will see the following

This profile is private. You have to follow it to grant access.

If a user set its content access to "Public", you can view their contents by entering their profile and can follow them without a prior acceptance from the user.

Following another user only brings access to their contents and nothing more. Any interaction with another other than access to their contents, will require a connection


A connection brings the ability to interact with other users on another level. Almost every sort of interaction requires a connection (except services which will be visible globally).

After connecting to another user, you can chat with them, add them to a group, and interact with them in some of the apps.

A business profile can add its connections to its list of employees. The employee has to accept to be on the list of employees.

On default, you have to send a connection request to user to be connected. This setting, however, can be changed in Privacy to 'everyone.' Once it is changed to everyone, every user can make a connection without any prior request. Note that we do not recommend to change your connection setting to 'everyone' as it can lead to unwanted interactions.